NIOX launches on

2 min readSep 26, 2020

Last week NIOX finally hit the books on Shortly before that the Loopring integration into the NIOX Maker was successfully completed.

The listing came with a liquidity mining campaign, which was a great incentive for our community to fill up the order books using their NIOX Maker modules and start providing liquidity within the required spread.

From the first day on, more and more people shared the results of the hourly rewards they got granted, which motivated even more people from our DAO and our trading group to create an account on Looprings decentralized exchange and connect their maker modules with it.

Just a few days after the listing there, NIOX was able to reach 52 k USD in volume, which made NIOX-ETH the pairing with the third highest in general and the second highest volume of the ETH pairings on the Loopring DEX.

All this can be considered a huge success for the Autonio Foundation, since the amount of users that actually ran the NIOX Maker module on Loopring was still considerably small, since the current version isn’t widely distributed yet (Details about the exact numbers will follow early next week).

With all this in mind it gets very clear, that we are indeed still at the beginning of our journey to ease the process of using decentralized exchanges, but we started off great. And one of the best parts is, that all this started on a decentralized exchange that will probably play one of the most important roles in the near future in making decentralized exchanges more mass compatible.

We are really looking forward to further ease the process of becoming a market maker for as many people as possible, to make it more pleasant to trade in a decentralized, trustless and prospective fast growing environment for everyone.