NIOX Maker 1.0

The Autonio Foundation is proud to present their newest NIOX Maker update.

The NIOX Maker is the first piece of a broader ecosystem to effectively crowdsource liquidity. This robust and easy to use tool enables users to set-up a market making bot in minutes across integrated exchanges.

DeFi can only be as decentralized as the source of its liquidity.

The NIOX Maker is currently free to use, so start using it now on the leading centralized or decentralized exchanges, and chose from 1000+ different trading pairs. Current version features Binance and KuCoin, while the next update will include our favourite decentralized exchanges — Loopring, TomoChain and the SmartDEX

To celebrate this major update, the Autonio Foundation is giving away 20.000 NIOX in total to five lucky winners that share their results on Twitter, using the in-built share function of the NIOX Maker before the 17th of January*.

Good luck, and have fun trading with Autonio!

Social Media: Telegram Discord Twitter

*Contestants must use the inbuilt share function, session time has to be at least 1 hour long.



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